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This means your Mind was distracted, filtered or conditioned from your Body’s presence and saw something other than what was right before your very eyes.
This means you were NOT able to grasp the true meaning of the simple Video Quiz.
(Don’t feel too badly, because I failed once upon a time too!)

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The True Meaning of the Video Quiz:

What does “Being Fully Here” mean?

Being fully here is being fully present to the reality before you. Our minds are often so distracted and overworked and so divided that we perform mental multi-tasking, when we should be present and listening. Have you ever spoken with another and had them look back at you with a blank stare, as if they had not heard you? Well, they have not heard you. They were not fully present. They could have been daydreaming. I call this “Going to the Bahamas,” their way of taking a mind vacation. I saw if their mind doesn’t want to be with me, I wish that their body would just leave too! Or they could be thinking about what they are going to do next, in fact, they could be worrying about the future, or they could be deeply involved in judging you, instead of listening. You’ll never know because they’ll never admit it, unless you catch them looking you up and down! Occasionally, when you pause from speaking, another might ask you a question, seemingly out of the blue, or even talk right over you. That is a surefire indication they are not fully present and not fully listening to you either. This time, they let you know what they were thinking about because their question is the tipoff. They seem to think it’s o.k. to say…oh, I was listening but I was just thinking about…yadada. I’ve even had someone claim it’s because they knew what I was going to say in advance. The nerve! It’s pretty certain that if someone is not looking you directly straight in the eye; and maybe even then, they are mentally multi-tasking.

Maybe you were “not fully present” to see the huge black Gorilla because your mind is distracted, overworked, or divided from mental multi-tasking. And worst of all, mental multi-tasking means that your powerful Mind-Body Connection is broken.

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The True Meaning of the Video Quiz:

What does having a “Filtered or Conditioned Mind” mean?

Having a filtered mind is having a fixed perception. This fixed perception becomes a narrow point of view that doesn’t see any other point of view. This filter is in place to only allow in those things that exactly match the interest of the filter. It’s kind of like a self-fulfilling prophesy. Your filter keeps everything else out, except what you want to see. You see only what you want to see. This can be a good thing when you need to focus. However, only seeing your life from such a narrow filter results in living a narrow-minded life. Think of being open-minded as having a 360 degree full circle mind, fully open. Think of a narrow filter as being only 10% open or conscious and known. That means that about 36 degrees or 10% is your typical filtered mind within your full-minded potential of a 360 degree circle. In “pizza” language, this means your narrow point of view is the size of a skimpy “slice of pie.” That’s not a very nourishing-minded life!

Being conditioned is unfortunately the human condition. Being conditioned can be termed as being socialized or being brainwashed. The majority of our conditioning was formed before the Age of 8, our Age of Reason, and some say even earlier at Age 3 as babies! That means that the majority of what we believe was placed into us by others, and was not by our choice. And really unfortunately for us, much of that conditioning was negative. At times, it feels like we are “Prisoners of our Past.” We were conditioned by our parents, what their parents taught them, and so on back in time through generations. You can easily recall a lot of “don’t do this and don’t do that’s.” We were conditioned by our schools, by our friends, by our neighbors for hours each day. And especially, we were conditioned, or shall I say brainwashed, by the tv, by the internet, by all media and politics and business promotion and advertising. And new conditioning does not stop and is happening to us every day. In fact, we are often so conditioned, that we never choose, we simply sleepwalk through life and repeat what we’ve been conditioned to think and do. Business likes to call this “brand loyalty.” Actually, it’s often an unconscious, brainwashed conditioning. The majority of our conditioning is unconscious and lives within that 90% unconscious mind, which operates to affect and influence us just as much as that 10% or filtered skimpy “slice of pie” that we know about. Again, in “pizza” language, that means the unknown majority of your conditioned 360 degree life is the size of 7 large “slices of pie.” That doesn’t leave much nourishment for any choices left to be made in your life! Being conditioned is sadly, the current human condition.

Maybe you were filtered or conditioned to miss the huge black Gorilla because we filtered you to watch to accomplish some other task, and you are conditioned to listen to authority and do what you are told? And worst of all, filters and conditioning means that your “Mind-Body Connection” is broken.

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The True Meaning of the Video Quiz:

What does having a broken “Mind-Body Connection” mean?

Your body is the smartest and most truthful aspect of you. Think about it. Without your intervention, it keeps you breathing. If you had to remember to breathe to stay alive, I imagine you’d be long dead by now! Your body is also in charge of digesting your food, and sending all those hormonal messengers out that connect and command every process and organ, right down to the cellular level.
And your body is the source of all truth, the authority, as to what makes you weak and what makes your strong. Your brain is simply a pea-sized organ that is good for analysis outside of yourself, but that very often lies to you. You know that you can tell yourself any story you want to make up, and often do, to justify whatever you decide you want to do. Should you turn right or turn left? Like a runaway horse, your mind can take you on a long ride and justify and develop a rationale for either choice. Then your mind will rationalize why you were always right in making the decision anyway, even telling yourself it didn’t matter, if you felt like it! Yes, your brain will lie to you and make up any story. But your body will not. Having a broken “Mind-Body Connection” means you are disconnected from your source of truth about what makes your weak and what makes you strong. And worst of all, you didn’t even know it. In fact, as a member of the natural world, you are strongly influenced by much more than you for. For example, you are affected by your personal biorthyms. They are natural cycles which regulate the functioning of your memory, ambition, coordination, endurance, temperament, emotions, and much more. We each have three fundamental biorhythm cycles, having your personal highs and lows every day. Check out your biorhythms to see if are functioning at peak intelligence, strength, or emotions…or all three!

The True Meaning of the Video Quiz.

What’s it like having a strong “Mind-Body Connection”?

I’ve become more comfortable with the uncomfortable. I’ve learned my natural style for making my own decision, and I use it. Until I know better, I have learned to live in doubt without anxiety. I don’t get led in the wrong direction, as easily. I somehow know more about the unknown. I recover from mistakes more quickly. I feel more about my world rather than think more about my world. I make more decisions in alignment with what makes me stronger and choose more of what is in my own best interests. I don’t feel badly about this, nor do I get depressed. I’m not so easily influenced or swayed by others as to what is the right choice for me. And I’m not so quick to give others advice, but mostly share what has and has not worked for me. I’ve become less conditioned by my environment, and I have become more of my natural and unique and independent self. Yet I’m never afraid when I’m alone, although I prefer company. And I do feel my emotions more deeply, and I use them to be a better person. I strive to be the best that I can be. This is how I became a Master Energy Practitioner.

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“I have experienced CHi Energy Sessions and found it helps you to be in touch with your body’s physical and emotional expression. As things came up to the surface for me, CeCe gently walked me through my own process to discover what I was holding onto. The CHi Energy Session are non-invasive and seemed to help rebalance my overall mind, body and spirit. I felt genuinely lighter and peaceful.

“I would recommend this service for anyone who is struggling in their life now or who may have residual from the past experiences of their lives.”

Linda Mitchell, Founder and Executive Director
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