What’s Your Emotional I.Q.?

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Emotional Well Being

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a.  If you were honest about your feelings, and some people actually do feel their feelings for themselves, and if you scored the majority of your emotional states within the emotions of Question 2 and Question 3, and seldom experienced the others, You Passed. Congratulations on having a positive emotional inner-discovery!
b. However, if you scored the majority of your emotional states within the emotions of Questions 4 through 10, then You Failed.

The True Meaning of Your Emotional I.Q.

What does being Emotional Mean?

While we are not conditioned to be emotional, it is a requirement of life that we feel our feelings. Your feelings act as a guidepost to your life. Without feeling your feelings, you are without one of your most important guidance system. PTS Emotions Chart

Feeling your feelings does mean being emotional in front of others. Some emotions are better held until a more private time in which to experience them. And experience them we must. By experiencing, I mean to feel your feelings fully. You came to this Earth to have experiences. An experience comes from feeling. An experience does not come from thinking your way though it. Thinking about the fun of riding a bicycle is not going to give you the awesome experience of riding a bicycle. Thinking about loving someone can hardly be compared with the actual experience of participating in a loving relationship. It is the feelings that we are meant to feel.

The True Meaning of Your Emotional I.Q.

What does Failing Mean?

Failing means that you have most likely had an experience with an emotion attached to it, but you did not feel your feeling fully. You either stuffed the emotion deep down inside your body, or somehow avoided it at the time. Do you never cry? That’s not a good sign. Now that emotion is forever awaiting the moment when you will recall it and complete its experience by feeling it fully. You can hide from it for a time, but eventually, the old emotion becomes so painful that it cannot be ignored. You see, the old emotional energy attracts like energy, to cause you to repeat the same experience. This happens so that the old emotional energy break through to your attention. I repeat, you came to this Earth to experience, and you are not going to be allowed to ignore them when they do happen.

hrv chart

The reason you probably stuffed your feelings deep inside is often called, “fear of overwhelm.” When we were babies, we were told not to cry. And we didn’t like it anyway. As babies, we only carried a very small capacity to feel, baby-size. This capacity became overwhelmed very easily, as I’m sure you know how easy it is for a baby to cry. So we stuffed our feelings down to prevent overwhelm. When we grew, we of course, also grew our capacity to feel and now have a full-sized adult capacity, which has the ability to feel without overwhelm, anything that is experienced. Unfortunately, we still carry the belief that our capacity is baby-sized. It is not.

And so, you are to be congratulated for your courage to admit and honestly care about yourself well enough to bring this inner-discovery into your consciousness…into your awareness. You were smart enough to know you needed this inner-discovery. Now you know the exact state of emotional being that compromise your wellbeing. But I know something you do not. That doesn’t make me wiser, that just tells you that I’ve traveled this path before. In fact, I developed this Emotional I.Q. Wellbeing questionnaire because I offer the solutions that can bring you to a higher Emotional I.Q. Score. So, the only question that remains is: are you going to do anything about these negative emotions right now or are you going to choose to continue to avoid them and live a flat, emotional life?

The True Meaning of a Emotion I.Q.

Are You Permanently Living within Negative Emotions?

  9. Pessimism / Boredom
10. Frustration / Impatience
11. Overwhelm / Confusion
12. Doubt / Indecisiveness
13. Pride / Scorn
14. Anger / Hate / Revenge
15. Desire / Craving / Discouragement
16. Fear / Anxiety / Worry
17. Grief / Regret / Lying
18. Powerless / Hopeless / Judgmental
19. Pain / Guilt / Blame / Resent / Jealousy
20. Shame / Insecurity / Unworthiness / Bitterness – Deny Your Knowing*
21. Abandoned / Betrayed / Unloved – Deny Your True Self*


The True Meaning of Your Emotional I.Q.

What is it like having a Positive Emotional I.Q.?

I simply feel really good about myself. Sure, I sometimes visit a negative emotion. But I don’t stay in it very long, nor do I ever make any decisions when I feel that way. I feel my feelings fully to have a complete experience. I don’t want to create anymore old emotional baggage.

coherent heart graph

When I feel like I’m getting down, I think of things to be grateful for in my life. That’s always lifts my spirits. I don’t attract any repeats of any negative emotional experiences because I don’t carry regret and I have learned to forgive. I feel compassion easily for others. I feel unconditionally loved within my heart. I know that although my heart was broken and closed once, that this will never happen to me again. My heart is bulletproof. My heart is open to both giving love and receiving love. And this is what it’s like for me to have a high Emotional I.Q. This is how I became a Master Energy Practitioner.

Open your heart & clear your mind

Testimonials: Chiropractic Physician

“As a holistic Chiropractic Physician practicing for 25 years, I wholeheartedly agree and resonate with Ms. Inwentarz’s message. I can perform the most expert adjustment, but if the patient does not want to heal, they will not. Ms. Inwentarz, through her ‘CHi energy,’ removes the blockages that bind people and prevent them from moving forward in their lives in their ‘true path.’ I know from many years of experience that this is true. When I met and experienced her energy sessions, I knew that I must work with her and bring her into my office for my own patients to utilize.

Ms. Inwentarz’s presence in my office has enabled my patients to heal exponentially and proceed on their healing journey.”

Dr. Barbra F. Gibbons, DC, Director
Gibbons Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Center

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