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a. If you were honest with yourself, and many people can access their unconscious belief system a piece at a time, if you scored yourself as “never, or rarely, or only at times” as something being issue for you, on every question, then You Passed. Congratulations on having an empowering belief system!
b. However, if you scored yourself as “need work, must change, or must stop now” as the intensity of the issue for you for even one question, then You Failed. You are living as a conditioned person with a Low Consciousness Belief System.

The True Meaning of Your Belief I.Q.

What does having a Low Conscious Belief System Mean?

We have been conditioned, and not by choice, to believe we are far less than we are, that we have false limits placed upon us, that we must operate out of neediness. These are all illusions created by our unconscious beliefs. And these various illusions lead to a life producing frustration, struggles and isolation. We might not suffer from these dynamics in all aspects of our life; however, we can have limiting beliefs that create negativities in our businesses or careers, or in our personal relationships, or with our families both at home or extended families.

Core dynamics before chart

A Low Conscious Belief System severely limits your ability to create your desires. In reality, our world does not operate as “When I see it, I’ll believe it.” Our world operates as “When I believe it first…then I’ll see it.” Since you don’t fully consciously believe it, your free will just never sees what you desire in some ways. In “pizza” language, imagine that you place a pie order, but it just never gets to the kitchen. Imagine that part of you starts with an order for a regular pie, but that another part of you calls back the waiter to add mushrooms, then another part of you calls back the waiter again to add extra cheese, and again and again, resulting in a defacto cancelling of your original order or desire, because your order just never reaches the kitchen! That’s what being driven by a Low Conscious Belief System is conflict with itself is like.

And so, you are to be congratulated for your willingness to search for your basic truth-discovery and to bring it into your consciousness…into your awareness. You were smart enough to know you needed this truth-discovery. Now you are somewhat knowing of the state of your unconscious belief system that compromise your wellbeing. But I know something you do not. That doesn’t make me wiser, that just tells you that I’ve traveled this path before. In fact, I developed this Belief I.Q. questionnaire because I offer the solutions that can bring you to a higher Belief I.Q. Score. So, the only question that remains is: are you going to do anything about these negative beliefs right now or are you going to choose to continue to ignore them and live a needy, disempowered life?

The True Meaning of a Conscious Belief I.Q.

How do I begin to “Erase This Limiting Belief?

  • Tip #1: How-to “Erase This Belief” Solution:
    • Know that beliefs are just old thoughts, firmly held in your mind.
    • Beliefs are supposed to serve you. Many just serve to limit you.
    • 90% of beliefs are unconscious and conflict and cancel one another out.
    • Few beliefs are chosen by you; most come from society’s conditioning.
  • Tip #2 “Erase This Belief” Solution
    • Commit to notice for yourself what you believe.
      • Ask “Why did I say that..or believe that?”
      • You know the answer.
    • Promise yourself to “erase” that limiting belief.
    • Choose a better belief to replace it.
    • Get Help to reveal the 90% unconscious beliefs to erase them.


The True Meaning of Your Belief I.Q.

What is it like having a High Conscious Belief I.Q.?

Conditioning can be cancelled. We can quickly break the energy that keeps us trapped in old conditioning, not made by choice. Then we can operate our of our own Belief System of fullness. Become free of false frustrations, struggles, and isolation.

Core dynamics chart after

I am more in my own natural state of being. My consciousness is very high at 95%. There remains only 5% unconscious beliefs that are unknown and continue to drive me. I’m hoping they serve me in a good way, since they remain illusive. This means that I am almost fully authentically empowered. I feel more whole and complete just as I am. When I express my free will, my underlying belief resonates in support of my free will. It’s very freeing. I do not own many underlying limiting beliefs that resonate to bring the opposite of what I desire. When I choose a new belief, I choose an empowering one. I am not driven by unconscious neediness. I regularly check my motives to ensure that I have not been conditioned to take on limitation. And this is what it’s like for me to have a high Belief I.Q. It changed my life. And this is how I became a Master Energy Practitioner.

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