What’s Your Spirit I.Q.? 

Spiritual Awakening

Where do you score on the “Higher Scale of Consciousness?” 

Find out here.

Here’s your Pass or Fail Analysis:

a. If you score 500+ on the Higher Scale of Consciousness, You Passed. Congratulations on having a positive heart containing unconditional love.
b. However, if you scored below a number 500, then You Failed.
c. Don’t know your score? Call CeCe for a free energy consultation.

The True Meaning of Your Spirit I.Q.

What does being a Spirit score of less than 500 Mean?

2012 marks a shift into a new Era of Consciousness, a new Dimension of our shared Reality. This shift will divide the peoples of the world into those who will enter the new from those who will remain behind. Having a heart that is both open to giving and receiving love, and that embraces unconditional love within, is the minimum prerequisite for operating in the new Era of 2012 Consciousness. Soon, these fundamental changes will be strongly in evidence for the mainstream and will no longer be ignored.

The True Meaning of Your Spirit I.Q.

What does being a Spirit score of 500 or More Mean?

My life has profoundly shifted. My high Heart-Mind Connection has become my new normal. Being discerning about all peoples and compassionate is my operating fashion. I seek community in a spirit of co-creation. And this is what it’s like for me to have a high or enlightened Spirit I.Q. This is how I became a Master Energy Practitioner.

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Ten Hotlinks to Living Way Cool

I encourage you to remember that you are NOT a human being having a spiritual experience. But to know and believe that you ARE a spiritual being having a human experience. This is your time to shift your focus to your eternal, inner you, from your temporary, external you. The time is right now.

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As a compassionate person, join me in feeling and sharing your heartfelt energy in support Peace for all the People of Planet Earth by adding your personal meditation to this community, as my guest or as a new member of the Global Care Room.

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