What’s Your Positive Mind I.Q.?

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What do you think of your experience with the Positive-Mind Reality-Check?

Here’s your Pass or Fail Analysis:

a. If you were honest with yourself, and everybody honestly knows themselves the best, if you scored yourself as “never, or rarely, or only at times” as something being issue for you, on every question, then You Passed. Congratulations on having a positive reality!
b. However, if you scored yourself as “need work, must change, or must stop now” as the intensity of the issue for you for even one question, then You Failed.

The True Meaning of a Positive-Mind I.Q.

What does a Positive-Mind Mean?

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Positivity is the ability of your mind to be positive and to think positive. Your Positivity I.Q. survey is actually a self-prescription for wellbeing for yourself. It’s a reality-check. It’s finding out what is real for you in your life. The opposite of Positivity is Negativity. These questions we might consider to be Negative, are not questions we often ask ourselves or even think to ask ourselves. In fact, we most likely avoid dealing with these types of issues in any way we can. But most of us are living in a reality of Negativity. And that is not the life you want for yourself. And so, you are to be congratulated for your courage and for facing and honestly knowing yourself well enough to bring this reality-check into your consciousness…into your awareness. You were smart enough to know you needed this reality-check. And now you are even smarter. Now you know the exact challenges that compromise your wellbeing for yourself. But I know something you do not. That doesn’t make me smarter, that just tells you that I’ve traveled this path before. In fact, I developed this Positivity I.Q. Wellbeing questionnaire because I offer the solutions that can bring you to a Positivity I.Q. Score of a 100% Positive Mind. So, the only smart question that remains is: are you going to do anything about this right now or are you going to choose to stay stuck the way you are?

The True Meaning of a Positive-Mind I.Q.

 How do I begin to “Just Stop Thinking?”

  • Tip #1: Commit to notice for yourself when and how nonstop thinking begins, and what you are saying about yourself and about others.
  • Tip #2: Promise to “Just Stop Thinking.” Consider getting help.   
    • Read and Commit to: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Tip #3: Take Action to “Just Stop Thinking”  to “be right here” now.
    • Experience “Guided” Meditation. Ask for Higher Help.
    • Begin to focus on 1 area of constant thinking; such as, being judgmental.
  • Tip #4: Command your brain to “Just Stop Thinking”  those negatives thoughts immediately when they appear.
    • Use “I’m not going there!” hand motion and push away thoughts.
    • Replace negative thought with a positive thought.
  • Tip #5: Think Fully from your Whole Mind. Connect and use Your Heart.
    • Your Brain is your minds’s surface for communicating.
    • Your Heart is your mind’s depth of feeling.
    • Think Fully from your Heart-Mind Connection.


The True Meaning of a Positive-Mind I.Q.

What is it like having a “100% Positive Mind”?

I simply don’t see that things are problems or try to control those things that I cannot. I have given up the bad habit of judging people, although I am discerning. I’m always open to the new, so some call me a Possibility-Thinker. I certainly am happier and more at peace, and I’m not afraid of being overwhelmed. I listen fully and hear more because I’m present. I don’t second-guess myself, and I’m certainly not my own worst enemy anymore. I’m not worried about future circumstances that may never come. I care little what others think of me because I’m more concerned with my opinion of myself. I know who I am and understand my intentions. I’m happier and don’t anger as easily anymore. This is what it’s like for me to have a high Positivity I.Q. This is how I became a Master Energy Practitioner.

Open your heart & clear your mind


Testimonial: Professional Coach

Lois Davis“As a Professional Coach who specializes in helping people create more positive energy for themselves, I find CeCe’s work to be transformative. It has been my experience that CHi Energy Sessions can break through emotional barriers that keep you from being all that you are meant to be. Whether or not you are aware of the negative energy and emotional blocks that exist inside you, CeCe is able to identify and address the core issues, and ultimately drive the unwanted remains away. The process is quick but the results are long lasting.

“I would recommend CeCe to my own clients who are looking to heal an unbalance in their lives, or have struggled with changing their patterns of behavior.”

Lois M. Davis, MA, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Coach

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