What is Chi Energy

The definition of chi is your breath. It is also the air that you breathe. And it is also the energy and vitality that sustains you every moment of your life.

Everything we see, or touch, or experience in our entire world is composed of ch’i or chi. Our scientists have discovered our real basic form is not a chemical reaction, but our existence is one pulsating chi energy flow or field, keeping us in constant and instant touch with our world and with each other. The great scientific genius of physics, Einstein said, “The Quantum Field is the only reality.”

Our whole existence is determined by this energy, called chi. All facets of human life, our physical health, mental alertness, and emotional stability result from the levels and chi energy flow in and around our bodies.

Sometimes called Alternative Medicine, bringing more chi energy healing to us, saving and balancing the chi energy development within us, and using and spending our chi wisely is the key to maintaining a happy and healthy life.


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