Master Energy Practitioner, Cecelia Inwentarz, MEP, MRT is certified in advanced and ancient, Alternative Medicine techniques, tools and technologies from Masters of Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Leaders of Personal Development. She has also studied the works and employs many of the philosophies of Caroline Myss, PhD, fostering convergence in the practice of higher spiritual insight with medical intuition, and Dr. Deepak Chopra, fostering convergence in the philosophy of great sages with today’s scientific leadership.

Partnering to Create Wellness as an “A.H.H.A.”
American Holistic Health Association Practitioner Member: 
“This practitioner works in partnership with her clients and encourages a holistic approach to wellness where individuals:

* Balance and integrate their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects.
* Establish healthy and respectful relationships with others and with the world around them.
* Make lifestyle choices that promote wellness.
* Participate in their own health decisions and healing process.”

Founder & CEO of CHi Consultancy LLC, Cecelia H. Inwentarz, MBA, is a 20-year Senior Executive of Fortune 500 Corporate Brands and IBM Technology for Business Intelligence Clients for America’s top favorite prepared foods: Hellmann’s, Mazola, Knorr, Domino, and Miller. She is recognized as one of the most prominent food marketing executives and consultants in New Jersey.

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, CeCe Inwentarz, MBA, MEP, MRT has pioneered new Holistic businesses in freshly-prepared, home-delivered Zone Cuisine Dietary Foods with Omega-3′s with Dr. Barry Sears and has brought Wellness Practices to Health Professionals with DNA-based Diagnostics and Isotonic Nutraceuticals. As an author, speaker, leadership consultant and internet educator, she is widely known for her “nourishing amd energetic” perspective on increasing conscious values and generating high performing business teams and organizational cultures for The New Era.

More About CeCe

Master Reiki Teacher, MRT
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
Professional Member, International Center for Reiki Training.  

Highest Level, Master Teacher
Usui Roho Reiki Lineage to Mrs. Takata, Hawaii, to Master Usui, Japan
Worldwide, it is estimated there are 1 million Reiki Masters among 4 million Reiki Practitioners.

Reiki is becoming more widely utilized in Medical Centers through the work of Integrative Medicine pioneers like cardiac surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz, ranked on Time Magazine 2008 List of Top 100 Influential People. During his Alternatives Program,which aired January 2010 on “The Doctor Oz Show,” produced by Oprah, he stated that:

“ultimately, the most important Alternative Medicine treatment of all…is the area of Energy Medicine. P.M. has been in the operating room with me as a Reiki Master. My wife, Lisa, is a Reiki Master. Try Reiki…it can cure what ails you.”

Master Energy Practitioner, MEP
Energy Medicine shows you how to understand and work with your body’s reservoir of electromagnetic and more subtle energies to increase your vitality, identify and correct energy imbalances that keep you from being at your best, enhance your health and your state of mind

Bio-Resonance Psychotherapist
WaveMaker Scanner Technology Practitioner
Food Intolerances, Homeopathic Bio-Resonance Practitioner
Guided Kinesiologist
Guided Pure Awareness Therapist

*SEE Escape Technique: Conscious-Emotion Processing of Anxiety, Fears, PTS
*CORE Complete Technique: Conscious-Emotion Processing of Neg. Past Experiences

Bio-Genesis Technology Practitioner, Master Art of Creating

“Extraordinary Wellness Coach,” with Tom Stone, Great Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA
Bio-Energy Therapist of Five Elements & Twenty Meridians (needle-free therapy) with Martin Keymer, Dean, Post-Graduate Studies, College for Holistic Health, Germany, of the International Mediterranean University, Malta

Energy therapy techniques clear the blocked emotional energy and negative thought energy that has become so common for people. It is what we commonly refer to as stress. When we have blocked, scrambled, stuffed, and damaged energy flows and systems, we cannot achieve our full potential. CeCe works with several energy clearing and balancing systems that quickly and easily assist people in achieving wellness, success and happiness.
Energy healing releases people from the emotional energy of their past, cleans up their mental states and repairs the entire energy system. What that looks like in our day-to-day life is better health, more joy, clearer mental states and a stronger spiritual connection. Energy therapy gives power to our life force and vibrational tone so we are a powerful instrument in attracting what is good and wanted into our lives.

* Amazon: “Become The Butterfly – Experience Heartfelt Energy” on
* WoodPecker Press: “Big Bold Business Tips-NJ Women Mean Business” published by Woodpecker Press, NJ
* Educational eBooks: “Beautiful Spirit,” “Great Sales Strategies for The New Era,” “Cheap Food-Confessions of a Food Marketer”
* Columnist of “Pioneers in Integrative Medicine,” to MARCI Health and Wellness Magazine, an online publication of Holistic Mentorship Network of Health Professionals.

Board Service & Fundraisers for Non-Profits
* Board of Trustees, Marketing Chair, Holistic Mentorship Network of Health Practitioners, NJ
* Board of Trustees, Past President, Morris Trails Partnership, NJ
* Member,, Central Park of Morris County, NJ
* Volunteer, Adopt-A-Trail, Morris County Park Commission, NJ
* Coordinator, Parsippany Mayor’s Office, Mountain Way Trail System, NJ
* Board of Trustees of The Artists’ Museum, NYC
* Board of Trustees, Past President, Ordained Deacon & Elder, Presbyterian Church, NJ

Graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ
* Masters in Business Administration, Cum Laude, Finance, 1986
* Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude, Marketing, 1982


CeCe, along with her husband, Sy, loves golfing, sailing, skiing, hiking and, more recently, beginner Agility and Sheep Herding classes with their Border Collie, Bela-boy!


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