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I know you will benefit rapidly and easily from my 21st Century Technologies and Alternative Medicine Energy Therapies for your Personal and Emotional Wholeness, leading you to Physical Well-Being. And that’s my definition of a Beautiful Life!


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You can  find out immediately if you are an Energy Pass or an Energy Failure when you take the quick Video Quiz AND any one of the Gap Analyses RIGHT NOW! First visit the Mind-Body page to watch your Video Quiz. Then visit the Mind or Emotion or Belief section to learn your Personal Energy I.Q.’s. Visit the Spirit page to help measure your Level of Consciousness.


What is CHi Energy?


The Path of chi energy healing is both Ancient and yet Brand New, and often called Alternative Medicine. Spoken like “glee”…it is know as “ch’i” or chi and happens to be my initials too! Chi is more simply known as the “Life Force Energy of the Universe” that flows within your body’s chi energy flow Bio-Network. It is the source of your greatest personal power to enact deep and lasting change.


The Path of chi or chi energy combines the simplicity of reaching the root cause of all things energetically with the complexity of CHi Sessions using today’s computerized technology to rapidly improve it! The Path of chi eEnergy enables “The Secret” or your Positive Energy gift…that “to believe is to achieve”…along with CHi Sessions of Positive Intention…or “Heartfelt Energy.”


Chi energy healing is not your “Grandma’s” Psychotherapy!


CHi Energy Alternative Medicine NJ and Energy Psychotherapy New Jersey sessions use techniques that avoid Traditional Talk Therapies. Why? Traditional talk psychotherapists admit that their client’s satisfaction with the effectiveness of traditional forms of Talk Therapy, typically range from a low of 30% effectiveness satisfaction., because talking to change is slow and and not often deep, insightful or profound.


CHi Sessions quickly demonstrate that it’s just Old Experiential Energy within your cellular energy, and no amount of your talking about it during Psychotherapy or Counselor sessions or anywhere else can process it! CHi Energy Alternative Medicine and Energy Psychotherapy uses techniques to avoid traditional Talk Therapies. Instead of talk, Cecelia H. Inwentarz, CHi Therapist, uses what many health professionals use: a variation of Applied Kinesiology, sometimes called “muscle testing or checking,” to rapidly diagnose what signals as either weak or strong to your body to help choose the perfect Emotional Therapy processing tools for your Energetic needs.


Totally unlike years and years of recalling your buried past in Talk Psycho Therapy, the goal is that in often 3 CHi Alternative Medicine Energy Sessions, you grow in your Personal Development to Love Life. Many also experience further Spiritual Development to bring you into resonance with Heartfelt Energy to also Live Large….Consciously! The scientific therapeutic model is to Bio-energetically break those commonly programmed patterns of negative belief energies that condition you, keep you stuck, as if on autopilot, holding you back, and stop you from being the best that you can be. Dr. Wayne Dyer writes about limiting belief in “Excuses Be Gone!” Other techniques suggest that you surrender to “what eats at you.” These ideas are much easier said than done, unless you know the How-To’s of Energy.


Instead of Psychotherapy New Jersey Techniques, CHi Sessions use a Bio-Resonance Computerized Energy Technology, not unlike Bio-Feedback, to rapidly scan and permanently erase negative belief energetic fields, gently coached into your awareness. It’s a totally painless Alternative Medicine process! And I guarantee satisfaction with CHi “No-Cry” Emotional Upgrade Sessions!


In addition, as a Certified Usui Reiki Therapist Master Teacher, I ensure an energetic strength-balancing of Chakras, the distributors of energy into your body. And with Bio-Resonance Technology, equal to acupuncture but without needles, I ensure an energetic strength-balancing of your Five Elements and 20 Meridians, the energy channels of your body which fill every organ and cell with CHi vitality. Your Bio-Energy Network will be strengthened so that your body’s natural ability to Self-Heal will be maximized! This is the true definition of “HEAL”… to Honor Energy And Life…not to be unconscious of it or to ignore it.


Experience CHi Energy Sessions as your choice for a Holistic Alternative Medicine Practitioner, and you too will be free to… love life and live large…consciously! Book your introductory CHi Energy Session today with CeCe, The CHi Energist.


Close the Gap to Success Today!


Are you an Energy Pass or an Energy Failure?
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First, everyone should follow the Mind-Body Logo for a fast and fun “Video Quiz” and to learn more about your Mind-Body Connection. Are you fully here right now? I’ll bet you’re not! And I’ll bet you’ll be very surprised why!

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Take any one or all three of these quick and easy, confidential Gap Analyses to discover your personal Positive Mind I.Q. Score, your personal Emotional Wellbeing I.Q. Score, or your personal Conscious Belief I.Q. Score.

Finally, you may learn about raising your ch’i energy by scrolling below. Or transform your Spirit I.Q. by scheduling a personal CHi Session. Contact Cecelia Inwentarz to learn even more about ch’i energy.

You will find out immediately if you are an Energy Pass or an Energy Failure. Take the Video Quiz AND your Gap Analysis NOW!

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